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5 star review Gods of the Machines - sci fi/mystery novel

Sci-Fi drama at its best
Posted by Tamela Quijas - Romance Author on January 8, 2011
As I promised, I am reviewing a vast amount of books from all different genres this year, which I will highlight on Thursdays. I’m beginning my week a bit early (or late, as it may be) with a review from Gary Starta’s Gods of the Machines!
Recently, I had the chance to highlight Gary Starta’s sci-fi novel, Gods of the Machines, which I couldn’t wait to read. The futuristic quality of the novel, as well as the drama that was involved, drew me from page one. Starta writes a captivating tale of life in the future, where Detective Sam Benson’s newest assignment on Earth’s first colonized planet starts out as mundane, until murder begins to fill the pages. Thrown into the middle of believable politics and corruption, Benson comes across an android who appears to be a primary murder suspect. In this grueling tale of intrigue, filled with fascinating detective work, the newly forged planet of Ceres becomes a world of mesmerizing excitement.
Gods of The Machines exhibits Starta’s finesse for blending mystery, murder, romance, and adventure. His writing demonstrates a quality previously only exemplified by my favorite author, Jules Verne, where the reader is sucked into a mythical world that leaps from the pages. Starta’s spellbinding imagination is magnificent and his dynamic character of Sam Benson offers a page turning read that draws the reader into the pages of this fantastic tale.
5 stars and a must read for any sci-fi fan!

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